When You Have Your Hopes Up

Everyone in this world have hopes, built by chance and signs. People won’t have hopes if there isn’t something that makes them dare to have those hopes. The most important part is people do believe in their hopes, they will do anything to make them come true. The hopes can be anything; a person can hope for a better life, for a better job, for a higher salary, for a nicer boss. Of course, in love, people also have hopes. But the saddest part is when you have to witness by your own eyes that your hopes are falling apart.

In a relationship or any aspect in our lives, we want to be certain about something. We don’t want things to be left hanging. The certainty will determine the next action that we’re going to do. It may affect our entire life if the hopes are strong and something that we really keep and believe. We often see people get their heart broken because they know that what they’ve been hoping for won’t come true. It’s just a dream. This can caused by another party. One can destroy one’s hopes without they even notice. This thing is commonly happen in a relationship or any romantic interest. Let’s say that there is a guy and a girl, they have become best friends for a long time. The guy is giving a sign that he wants to take their relationship to the next level. The girl, tempted with the sign and the thoughts, start to have a hope so that they can be lovers. But it turns out that the guy isn’t ready yet. During the process, he knows that he is not ready but he doesn’t stop himself from acting lovey-dovey to the girl. In the end, when the girl’s desire is at its highest point, the guy turns her down by saying that he’s not ready or he even makes up with other excuses. The girl gets her heart broken and their relationship is becoming worse. People should really be careful of what they’re about to do. Without they even realize, it can hurt someone. I mean it is very obvious but people don’t want to be blamed by this. Think carefully when you want to do something. if you don’t want to take her to a dinner, don’t make her wait. If you don’t want him to be your boyfriend, don’t give him any sign. If you don’t want her to sleep in your house for a night, don’t ask for it to her at the very beginning. You never know what kind of thoughts she has, she can already planned to give you a surprise of how will she make your breakfast in the morning or how will she wake you up or should she look at your sleeping face and kiss you in secret. Those are great hopes and you’ll never know how hurt it feels when your lover’s hopes are just destroyed. But, the ones who have hopes shouldn’t be fooled as well. Don’t get your hopes too high, there is no guarantee that those hopes are going to come true. Be realistic and keep your common sense. You can have a plan in your head but don’t let it controls you. Seeing your hopes destroyed isn’t a good thing.




4 thoughts on “When You Have Your Hopes Up

      1. I do believe that we have the power to alter everything. As long as it is something that you can do, no matter how impossible it may seem, there’s still a chance. People may say that everything is not in their hand but there might still a piece of something that we can work with. Just to make a slight difference

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