I Wish I Was Born Pretty

“I wish I was born pretty”. That kind of wish must has been in so many girls’ head for some time. It is like a wish that every girl will have whenever they come to realize that the society is often judging them by how they look. Girls are sensitive and they will think about it really serious. It’s not that they stupid for letting that kind of comment or “expectation” for girl to be pretty, but girls want to please everyone’s eyes. And because after hearing such thing, they think and reflect it to their lives. They start to realize that people DO judge others by how they look like. Boys attitude will be so much more romantic and sweet towards girls who are pretty and hot. People will worship girls who look so innocent and adorable. Other girls will love to be friends with skinny and tanned girls.

The question is, when will we stop girls from thinking so? Imagine your daughter will come to a phase when she often checks on herself in the mirror, pays attention to her weight, changes the portion of her meal. You’ll look at her room, full of fashion magazines with perfect slender girls in it. There have been so many videos or articles about society who needs to stop making every girl and woman starve themselves just to look pretty. But on the real life, people won’t ever think about those kind of encouragement. Why? Because perfection is necessary for this world and they are nice to see.

Guys, if you think that girls also want perfection from some boys, that they also want boys who are hot, have muscles, tall, have a cute smile, well think. Girls are nice by nature and they are more attracted by boys who have the nicest attitude. Because what they always look for is an ATTITUDE OF A GENTLEMAN. And this idea is used by the media or other industries to create movies or stories or advertisements with hot guys as gentlemen. But really, for us, we don’t really think of looks as number one. Some girls may think so but we don’t talk about those kind of girls here, we are talking about good and well-mannered girls who are really confused and almost lost in the society’s “norm”. You don’t change them, people. You MUST NOT have the guts to change those good girls into creatures that will strive to look perfect, to have tall and slender body, big breasts, tanned, long hair, dimples, pretty without any make up. What’s the big deal with having body curves? Body curves look sexier and womanly. What’s the big deal if some of us have chubby cheeks? Believe us, chubby cheeks will make a smile look 100% adorable. You want hot chicks with big breasts? Well tell your girlfriend or your wife or your daughter in the future to get breasts implant.

People should really stop making girls feel like they don’t look good enough, that they are not pretty. They are. But if you guys question, “why those girls don’t look pretty then? Why must we stop searching for perfect girls for girls who don’t even know to take care of themselves?”, then my answer will be this. Because girls are afraid. They are afraid of how to take care of themselves and to look pleasant enough without having to be extremely vulgar or over the limit. Actually, by having regular shower, eat their meal properly, work out, don’t stress too much, and try to make themselves happy with the stuffs they love are enough to make them look naturally beautiful. Most of them try to look for a role model by looking at what they society has been worshiping for so long, slender slim girls. That’s a fault. If only girls are dare enough to make a search on Google about “how to be healthy?”, “a set of workout for beginner”, “how to make delicious and healthy snack?”, “things that can make you stressed out and a way to solve them”, “how to build a good relationship with friends?”. Girls are afraid to be judged. Mind that they are sensitive. That’s why, in other matters, they cry over boys, they worry about their relationship too much, they think twice in making decision.

So, let’s just spread the love. I guess the media should make more small advertisement of encouragement to the young ladies out there to love themselves. The society needs to stop judging girls by how they look. Girls with chubby bodies needs to build a courage to change themselves for the better. It’s okay, they don’t have to look skinny. They just need to take care of themselves and to be healthier. Boys need to stop looking for hot chicks for them to brag to other male friends or ex girlfriends or to please them in bed.

So just change. For the better. We are smart. Don’t let our eyes or other things fool us.


2 thoughts on “I Wish I Was Born Pretty

  1. Very true! As much as I know in my head that depictions of female beauty in mass media are false and unattainable, it still affects me at a subconconscious level and makes me notice my imperfections. Dove, a soap company, had a very nice campaign a few years ago in which they took a naturally beautiful woman, then showed the entire process of layering her with make up and using special lighting techniques and then completely altering her on Photoshop in order to achieve what we’ve come to recognize as the standard of beauty. I can’t remember if it was Dove or someone else, but there was a male model version, too!

    1. Exactly. Mass media holds the strongest control when it comes to beauty and looks; it is that strong that it can affects anyone even when we know that it is not always right. And as for the campaign that you mentioned, I’d love to search for that. It sounds so refreshing 🙂

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